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The agile enterprise strives to make change a routine part of organizational life to reduce or eliminate the organizational trauma that paralyzes many businesses attempting to adapt to new markets and environments.

Because change is perpetual, the agile enterprise is able to nimbly adjust to and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

The agile enterprise views itself as an integral component of a larger system whose activities produce a ripple effect of change both within the enterprise itself and the broader system.

Agile methods integrate planning with execution allowing an organization to “search” for an optimal ordering of work tasks and to adjust to changing requirements.

The major causes of chaos on a project include incomplete understanding of project components, incomplete understanding of component interactions and changing requirements.

Sometimes requirements change as a greater understanding of the project components unfolds over time. Requirements also change due to changing needs and wants of the stakeholders.

The agile approach allows a team or organization of collective trust, competence and motivation to implement successful projects quickly by only focusing on a small set of details in any change iteration.